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Greg Harvey

  • Associate of AspenMark Wealth Management LLC.
  • Investment Advisor Representative of GWN Securities, Inc.
  • Dave Ramsey SmartVestor PRO advertising participant 
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Greg Harvey is an associate of AspenMark Wealth Management LLC. which is an INDEPENDENT financial services firm. Greg has been in the financial services industry since 2013.  He is dedicated to delivering quality, long-term strategies and a client experience that exceeds expectations!

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Greg joined AspenMark on January 2, 2020. He is an Independent Financial Advisor and has been a Ramsey Smartvestor Pro since 2017. He approaches personal finance with a Biblical worldview and educates clients to help them reach their financial goals.

Greg grew up in Savannah, GA and graduated in 1982 from Georgia Southern College in nearby Statesboro, GA with a BBA in Business Management. He met his wife, Tricia, at Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta, GA back in 1985, and they have been married for over 37 years. While Greg is the "money guy" (as his wife Tricia refers to him), she has all of the artistic talent and is an accomplished artist. Tricia has her own business called Tricia Harvey Designs and specializes in custom hand-painted murals. 

Greg began his financial business in January of 2013. He has carried a Life Insurance license since 2009. Greg and Tricia bought a 1902 Queen Anne Victorian home in Hollister, CA back in 2011 and converted it to a successful Bed & Breakfast business. The Inn was named after their son Joshua (Joshua Inn Bed & Breakfast), and Greg ran his business back then from the
Inn. Greg and Tricia's long-term plan was to get the Inn up and running into a thriving business and then pass the torch to another owner within 10 years.

One of their goals was to get back to the East Coast at least part-time as that is where Greg grew up. As their Bed & Breakfast business became more mature over a few years, Greg's financial business took off as Greg was able to spend much more time on it. In 2019, Greg and Tricia sold their successful B&B business and soon after purchased a home in Vero Beach, FL and then in Chester SC. Greg and Tricia now live in Florida full time and often travel back to California and South Carolina to visit clients as well as their friends and family.

Value from an Investment Approach

Greg prepares a customized portfolio based on several factors:

  • Multiple funding strategies for different goals – for example: buying a
    house vs retiring vs funding a new hvac unit
  • Time horizon to meet goals
  • Risk profile
  • Lifestyle
  • Years in retirement
  • Unique family dynamics

Takes an all-market, all-weather approach to a portfolio and cares about downside protection as much as upside capture. 

Creates strategies that allow clients to have the opportunity to reach their financial goals with as much control as possible.

Value as an Independent Advisor

Because investments are needed that are on the cutting edge of downside protection, Greg has chosen to be an independent advisor so he can shop for investments that could help you to both capture upside and protect downside. Being an independent advisor gives him the ability to go to multiple places and find the most suitable investments for your individual plan.

Fun Facts:

In their spare time, Greg and Tricia enjoy the wine country of Central California, the warm Central Coast Region of Florida, and the rolling hills of upstate South Carolina. He enjoys skiing, backpacking, and has run three marathons. He has also completed the entire John Muir Trail in California and has ascended the top of Mt. Whitney (highest peak in the continental U.S.) on three occasions. Greg is also an absolutely rabid Georgia Bulldogs Fan and asks forgiveness for this from his South Carolina and Florida clients! The color of his Mazda Miata Convertible? You guessed it--red and black!

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