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Our Story

AspenMark Wealth Management was founded in 2014 by Kyle & Vicki Whaley as an independent wealth management firm in Colorado. At the time, with over 15 years of experience as financial advisors in the captive space (an advisor that works for a company), Kyle realized that to truly serve his clients without bias and put the client's needs first, he had to make the jump to an Independent Advisory platform. Thus the founding of AspenMark. 

We intentionally designed AspenMark to not look like every other wealth manager on the block; we wanted to be different.  We didn't want asset minimums; we didn't want to charge clients for our retirement planning services; and we didn't want to derive our income from just one source like most other advisors do (which forces them to try and maximize that income stream). Again, we wanted to be different and set ourselves apart.   

Soon after our launch, David Schwendtner joined AspenMark as a managing partner, and our little wealth management company started to grow. Our message and offerings were well received in the marketplace, and we not only grew leaps and bounds in terms of the addition of clients, but also in the addition of other advisors joining the team. Today (2022), we've grown to:

  • 4 office locations in three states (CO, CA, SC)
  • Serve well over a 1000 families
  • Manage about $100 million in assets

That is a drop in the bucket for the big dogs in the wealth management space, but we don't want to be like them... we are a boutique wealth management firm that desires a relationship with each and every client of ours.

Many of our advisors are associated with the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor program.  In fact, we currently serve seven different territories for this program, and you can see which of our advisors are participating with this advertising program in their "bio" section.  

There's more to asset management than picking and choosing investments. Effective asset management is an ongoing, adaptable, hands-on process that helps ensure every investment decision is in line with your risk tolerance and financial aspirations. Whether you're planning for retirement, needing an income stream from your investments or investing for a child or grandchild's education, you want a professional that understands your family's needs and cares enough about your goals to help you achieve them.