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Jason Jorgenson, RFC®

Jason Jorgenson, RFC®

Investment Advisor Representative of GWN Securities, Inc.

Jason was born and raised in Colorado Springs; a true Colorado native! After teaching and coaching at a middle school for 10 years and working the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps as a family, Jason had a desire to spend more time with his young children and growing family. Because of the success of financial discipline and planning at home, along with the desire to help others do the same, Jason felt the calling to use his teaching skills for a different purpose! So in 2019, Jason started serving as a financial profession to help families with financial literacy and their own financial journeys!

Jason is passionate about making a difference for families and small businesses across Colorado. Jason, a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro for the Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas, enthusiastically helps families dream about their retirement, shows them the simplicity in developing a plan, and helps them see their plans to fruition. His down-to-earth ability to relate with clients and to serve them well is evident in every aspect of his business.

Jason and his spouse, Tiffany, raise their 4 young children in central Colorado Springs and love spending their free time outdoors, camping, and making memories. Jason enjoys mountain biking on all the local trails and is active in his community by serving on his local school board. Jason always has time for a quick phone call or question about money and loves to converse on what matters to his clients.